We caught up with TVR youngster Josh Phillips as his second track ‘Say It’ was recently released on TwistedVintage’s sub Label Red Cherry Records.

Born in Croydon, London, josh was an avid music fan from an early age, listening to the likes of Shadowchild and Low Steppa Josh quickly realised His ambitions as producer and he wanted to make music to add his own touch to his online DJ Sets. Now residing in Sunderland, England, Josh had his first ever release ‘Night Fuel’ on TwistedVintage Records at the ripe young age of 17 and is quickly becoming a label favourite and definitely one to watch out for.

We sat down with Josh to ask him a few questions.

Q.“so Josh, what process did you have to go through to secure your first release with TVR?”

A.” I met Lee Bryan on this internet radio show we were both playing on. In the chat room we started talking about producing and I had told him how one of my tracks was basically stolen from this unofficial label. Lee listened to the track and he liked it and decided to sign it”

Q.”WOW, so you got your track back from this unofficial label and had it signed to TVR all in the same day?”

A. “I did, iye“

Q. “What’s your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself being in 10 years time?”

A. “My plans for the future are to keep producing records I can put into my sets and to start playing gigs locally and across the nation”