Nelson Reis, was born in Portugal, Lisbon in 1981, and even with no musical background in my early ages I already started to develop wild passion for music from a young age. As a teenager I spent most of my time in festivals and clubbing, just for the love of the music.
In 2001 I moved to Northern Ireland and later my music career began. In 2005 I started to play in local clubs with such DJs and producers as Jim Rivers, Psycatron, Miniminds, Loco & Jam, Sean Rooney and others. But only in 2008 I moved my focus to production and started to create my own music. With very hard work and dedication I have already produced some hot tunes that have been played and supported by many international DJs and producers around the world.
As a producer I blend classic house elements and twisted tech into something special for the late and early hours with vibrant production through each mix, which will definitely warm fans of Tech & House genres.
In early 2012 I have been given the opportunity to work with records labels such as SMD Records, On It Records, SurBeats Records, and Loco Ritmo Records. To listen to or to find links to buy my music please visit my website. Even more work is yet to come and I will keep you updated and interested in my music…