Rocky Miller, DJ / Producer / Live PA, Born March 3 1977, First release on vinyl was in 2000 “Of the Mind Recordings” Shortly followed up by two more vinyl releases from “N10CT Records” It wasn’t long before world class DJ Paul Van Dyk then played the single from N10CT Records called “Unhinged”, That tune went straight to number 5 in the weekly sales charts at Chemical Records for two weeks straight.
In 2006 Rocky Miller’s music took a new direction and was picked up by “Emotive Sounds” and found it’s way into the hands of Markus Schulz and Cosmic Gate. Listeners of Markus Schulz’s Global DJ Broadcast voted “Chamber Of Secrets” a Global Selection winner!
17 years later evolving into the Techno scene currently producing enough music scheduled to be released all year long. “Keep watching the Twisted Vintage crew as I fill their calendar with new music.”